Just like every teenager is different we have 3 dynamic hands-on opportunities for your youth to get involved in.

Overseas Cross-Cultural Experience

Do you have a group of 10 or more teenagers? There is nothing quite like a cross-cultural experience fully designed to help youth serve, impact and experience the world.  Why not get involved this next calendar year by taking your youth on a short term missions trip? Experienced staff will walk along side you and your youth to ensure the best possible tailor-made trip for your team. We understand trips like this can be overwhelming, let us help as we take care of all the details and provide training whether you go to Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia or a country you may be connected with. Get in touch with us today about ministry opportunities, costs and locations which would best suit your group.

Perspective Camp

Perspective camp is an exciting opportunity to bring 10 or more teens to Wollongong, NSW to be a part of a 4 day camp that will challenge and inspire new ways to think and look at the world through exciting and innovative experiences. A Perspective camp is designed around a simple model of first looking inwards ‘Who am I?’ then making it’s way to ‘Who is God?’ and ‘How do I fit in His story?’ There will be times of connecting with God through worship, small teachings and devotionals. There will also be times of team building (with an optional high ropes course available) and get involved in community service. We will spend a night as a team camping; there will be no glam-ping here as we simulate similar circumstances to how 1.2 billion of the world live, in homes that are less than stable and secure. Since 2015 we have seen the impact that these camps have had in unifying groups and strengthening the importance of God in individuals lives.

Engage Session

Invite us to come to your school or youth group, we know how passion is contagious and we are boiling over with it. Having guests can open up unforeseen doors and excite youth into exploring how God wants to use them. We come equipped with an inspiring program for all ages. Sessions can range from testimonies, stories, games, Bible verses, mixed media resources and small discussion groups. Our heart for each visit is to inspire young people to see the world through Gods eyes and hear positive stories of how God is moving globally through the church and young people.

Does one of these opportunities seem like the right fit for you? Would you like to start the process? Contact us in the form below with any questions and your enquiries or email us on: info@mawollongong.org